Best Jazz 3G/4G Internet Packages

Jazz is one of the top Cellular Telecom Operator Companies in Pakistan. Jazz has been awarded by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) as Best Telecom Operator in Country. In the Recent past Jazz and Warid merged and they celebrated 50 million customers in a merger ceremony in Islamabad. And also Jazz Warid is now Pakistan’s largest Telecom Organization.

Jazz 3G/4G Internet Packages

Enough of introduction now moving to the internet packages part, Jazz 3G/4G internet packages are much better than other services. Jazz is providing internet packages on Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis. Jazz has also won the fastest 3G competition held by PTA. However, Jazz is a reliable network. Even though Jazz and Warid have merged but both have different internet packages and subscription codes.

After the merger, they are welcoming new users with Free Internet. The thing to know here is that these 50 million existing users are being provided with excellent internet speed as Jazz has 10Mhz 3G/4G Spectrum. Jazz is providing fast 3G Internet as promised.

Now moving straight towards the Jazz 3G/4G internet packages details and availability. Let’s explore Best  Jazz 3G/4G internet packages, described in detail all Best 3G/4G internet packages offered by Jazz. One most important thing to know is “These offers or Best internet packages are for Prepaid users”.

Best Jazz 3G/4G Internet Packages Details:

All Jazz 3G/4G internet packages are described below including every detail you want to know. And are sorted by their time of validity and if you need other Jazz SMS Call and Internet Packages information visit Home page.

Jazz Daily 3G/4G Internet Packages

In this category, there are three types of internet packages available.

  • Jazz Daily Browser 3G/4G Package.
  • Jazz Daily Social 3G/4G Package.
  • Jazz Super Daily 3G/4G Package.

And here we go…

1- Jazz Daily Browser 3G/4G Package:

Price12 PKR (Inc. tax)
Data50 MBs
Validity24 Hours
How to Subscribe*117*11#
Check Remaining Data*117*11*2#

2-Jazz Daily Social 3G/4G Package:

Price20 PKR (Inc. tax)
Data50 MB for WhatsApp and FB
Validity24 Hours
How to Subscribe*114*5#
Check Remaining Data*114*5*2#

3-Jazz Super Daily 3G/4G Package:

Price29.88 PKR (Inc. tax)
Data200 MBs
Validity24 Hours
How to Subscribe*117*4#
Check Remaining Data*117*4*2#

Jazz 3-Day 3G/4G Internet Packages

3-Day Category contains just two types of bundles. Details of Jazz 3-Day internet packages are following:

1-Jazz 3-Day Internet:

Price25 PKR (Inc. tax)
Data100 MBs
Validity3 Days
How to Subscribe*117*1#
Check Remaining Data*117*1*2#

2-Jazz 3-Day Extreme:

Price18 PKR (inc. tax)
Data500 MBs
Validity3 Days
How to Subscribe*114*14#
Check Remaining Data*114*14*2#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz offers 3G Internet Packages on weekly basis if you want to subscribe. Four different types of packages are available in this category.

  • Jazz 3G/4G Weekly Package.
  • Jazz 3G/4G Weekly Mega.
  • Jazz Super 3G/4G Weekly Package
  • Jazz Extreme Weekly Package

Subscription details are just below:

1-Jazz 3G/4G Weekly Package:

Price50 PKR (Inc. tax)
Data300 MBs
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe*117*3#
Check Remaining Data*117*3*2#

2-Jazz 3G/4G Weekly Mega:

Price160 PKR (Inc. tax)
Data3000 MB
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe*159#
Check Remaining Data*159*2#

3-Jazz Super 3G/4G Weekly Package:

Price110 PKR (Inc. tax)
Data1500 MBs
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe*117*47#
Check Remaining Data*11747*2#

4-Jazz Extreme Weekly Package:

Price70 PKR (Inc. tax)
Data2500 MBs
Validity7 days (Used between 2 AM and 2 PM)
How to Subscribe*117*14#
Check Remaining Data*117*14*2#

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Four types of subscriptions falls in Jazz Monthly Internet Packages and are mentioned below in detail

  • Jazz 3G/4G Browser Package
  • Jazz 3g/4G Monthly Lite Package
  • Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Premium
  • Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Supreme Package

Here Is Complete detial of these Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Internet Packages.

1-Jazz 3G/4G Browser Package:

Price160 PKR (Inc. tax)
Data1500 MB
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*77#
Check Remaining Data*117*77*2#

2-Jazz 3g/4G Monthly Lite Package:

Price250 PKR (Inc. tax)
Data3 GB
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*31#
Check Remaining Data*117*31*2#

3-Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Premium:

Price500 PKR (Inc. tax)
Data7000 MB
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*30#
Check Remaining Data*117*30*2#

4-Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Supreme Package:

Price800 PKR (Inc. tax)
Data8000 MBs
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*117*32#
Check Remaining Data*117*32*2#

Jazz 3G/4G Internet Packages for Postpay Users

Here we go with the available Internet Packages for Postpay Users; unlike prepaid users, this section only facilitates with monthly offers. Let’s have a look at Jazz Postpay 3G/4G Internet Packages.

  • Monthly Streamer
  • Monthly Premium
  • Monthly Supreme
  • Monthly Mega
  • Monthly Ultimate

Here Is Complete detial of these Jazz Postpay 3G/4G Internet Packages.

1-Monthly Streamer:

Price250 PKR (not inc. tax)
Data2 GB
Validity1 Month
How to Subscribe*446#

2-Monthly Premium:

Price500PKR (not inc. tax)
Data5 GB
Validity1 Month
How to Subscribe*446#

3-Monthly Supreme:

Price800 PKR (not inc. tax)
Data8 GB
Validity1 Month
How to Subscribe*446#

4-Monthly Mega:

Price1200 PKR (not inc. tax)
Data12 GB
Validity1 Month
How to Subscribe*446#

5-Monthly Ultimate:

Price2000 PKR (not inc. tax)
Data25 GB
Validity1 Month
How to Subscribe*446#


  • Taxes not included.
  • Only available for Jazz postpay customers.
  • Bundles will auto resubscribed after expiry.

And here is Complete detail of Ufone 3G/4G Internet Packages.These are all the 3G/4G Internet Packages Jazz is offering to users, it covers both postpay and prepaid customers. You can choose any of these that suits you according to your need. And If you are using other Network and searching other network Internet packages then Click Me That’s all, please let me know if something is missing or you can’t find. Thank You!