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Mobilink Jazz has been making its name more versatile and huge by working on innovative ideas over the time. They are constantly creating something new and best for its customers whether they are prepaid or postpaid. If there are several offers available for postpaid users, so prepaid users are just not being neglected by Jazz. They are on the count as well.

One of the new service introduced by Mobilink Jazz for its prepaid customers is Jazz Balance Share. this is meant to help jazz customers to value other jazz customers and they are now able to help their friends and family members if they are running short with their Jazz credit. Not only this, but you also can offer your colleague at your workplace, your classmate in your college to avail this facility if they are in urgent need of balance.

For this offer, the other person whom you are sharing jazz balance with should have Mobilink number as well. This can help you to impress your co-workers or someone in your class or in your friend zone. Helping others is just now turned to other face and all it has done by Mobilink Jazz.

Method of Balance sharing from Jazz to Jazz number

This new service of sharing balance by Mobilink Jazz is very easy to accomplish. A customer can receive or send balance from its number to any other jazz number any time and from anywhere across the nation.

To activate or share the balance, here are the method explains how it works.

Go to your phone’s dialer and dial *100* the number * amount #

After dialing this, you will be asked for the confirmation so just dial 1 to make this transaction done.

For example:

You wish to share a balance of Rs. 50 to another jazz number and the number is 03001234567

So dial *100*03001234567*50# and confirm this transaction by replying 1. Your balance will be shared with another Jazz number instantly and you will receive a message that your transaction has been done.

Other information

  • This offer can only be used by prepaid users and the balance can only be shared with another prepaid jazz number.
  • The main purpose of this service is to facilitate jazz prepaid customers in an emergency when they need credit and they are unable to find any location to top-up or recharge their credit/balance.
  • The minimum balance share could be of Rs. 15
  • The maximum balance could be shared for 500
  • After dialing and send the request for sharing balance, you will receive a confirmation message. If you decline that message and does not reply by 1 so the transaction will not take place.
  • Any type of misuse will not be entertained by Jazz. This offer is for the purpose of need and not for misusing.

Balance share for Warid and Jazz

Warid network has been incorporated with Mobilink Jazz so Jazz-Warid is ready to facilitate its customers by unified recharge. The top network of Pakistan jazz has committed with Warid to serve Warid and Jazz both customers at the same pace. Warid users can also use the same method for sharing balance to any other Warid number.

Pre-Paid to Post-Paid Balance Transfer

Jazz has introduced a balance share offer only for its prepaid users. However, Warid Prepaid customers can share balance to Postpaid customers as well. In low balance or payment situations, this transaction will be served as the payment of Warid postpaid customer’s bill.

Terms and conditions

  • To use this service of Jazz balance share, both users should be prepaid customers of Mobilink Jazz.
  • Postpaid users of Mobilink Jazz are not able to use this offer.
  • The service charges will be applied of Rs. 4.77 + tax on each transaction
  • If the balance has been shared on the wrong number so the amount cannot be claimed by Mobilink Jazz. The company is not responsible for any such mistake.
  • If any error is found, please contact the service center of Jazz.
  • Try to share the balance while the other number is on, the confirmation can get easily.
  • Make sure that you have 5 rupees more than the amount you are going to share.