MOBILINK SMS HISTORY CHECK – How you can check SMS history?

About Jazz

Jazz is one of the best networks in Pakistan. Jazz/ Mobilink is serving more than 55 million users nationwide. Its native name is Mobilink however; it is normally called as Jazz. They claim that they are the first GSM-based mobile operator in South Asia. It was incorporated two decades ago and since then Jazz is maintaining market leadership flag with its name. Jazz have the largest and best portfolio for both prepaid and postpaid customers which also includes digital value-added services to the users.

Mobilink always comes with new ideas and innovations for its customers. Whether it is about SMS, call or internet packages; all of these are highly economical and Jazz provides them with the best services. This is the main reason that this network has huge fan following and users across the nation. Jazz is not just catering to youth or teenagers; this is available for all age groups and working-class groups of Pakistan.

This most famous and top-notch network also features smart aesthetic to cater their millions of users, known as Mobilink SMS history check.

Check Mobilink SMS History in Seconds

Now you can have this option if you wish to check the SMS history of your Mobilink number, you can! The Jazz telecom company has released the new technique which is Jazz E-care Portal. This is the technique by which you can check your SMS and call history of your number. You just need to log in yourself on this E-care Portal. Many of you want to be a part of this part to check SMS or call history. Millions of Mobilink customers have now become a part of this Portal to enjoy the services, the E-care portal is offering.

Why do you need to have your SMS history?

Most users use two or more sims either of the same network or different. Many of the good brands of Android phones come with the single slot of the sim. So, this creates a need to change sims most of the time. Once you change the sim and use another number for short time even, it deletes the call and SMS history from some of the android phones. Also, if you are re-setting your Android phone or you have bought another one or you might change your phone so this deletes all your SMS history and call log history as well. Most of the business persons need this SMS history check for their contracts which they might miss. Any other emergency could also happen which makes you able to have that SMS which is no longer in your phone’s inbox.

Procedure to check SMS history of your Mobilink number

First, you need to register yourself with an E-care portal which is definitely not a difficult task. Every Mobilink customer has complete access on this portal. You need to register yourself with that number; you wish to have SMS history from. Once you are registered, you need to keep your password very strong. Note down the password in any safe file which cannot be accessed by anyone else because getting a password means that all your information related to the number is at risk. To get the information below step by step details are available for both prepaid and postpaid users.

To register yourself at E-care portal, the procedure is slightly different for both prepaid and postpaid users and here it is,

Procedure For postpaid users

  • Get a PIN code after reading all the information on the registration page of the E-care portal
  • Enter your mobile number with a PIN code
  • Provide your email address
  • A user will receive an Email having username and password to log in the E-care portal
  • Enjoy the services E-care portal is offering for its users.

Procedure For Prepaid users

  • First, enter your mobile number to get an SMS on your number
  • Reply to this SMS with 1
  • The portal will then move you one step ahead
  • Now you can put your email address in the given field and choose your password
  • Pass the captcha instructions
  • Agree on the terms and conditions
  • You will be then registered to an E-care portal and enjoy the options it has.

*There are no terms and conditions apply on your number if you register yourself with this portal and the registration is absolutely free of cost.