Ptcl Smart TV App for PC – Watch Favorite TV Shows Now

PTCL Services

PTCL has now extended its services of the smart tv for those who love to watch tv on their desktop or laptops. This effort will help PTCL to grab more customers in its portfolio. PTCL smart tv app for PC is much better now than it is ever, it offers a variety of versatile features. Those who have a desktop in their homes and want to enjoy live streaming of their favorite channel or shows or any video on the desktop PC can have this offer.

PTCL has introduced IPTV service across the nation and Pakistan telecommunication limited is the pioneer of it. This offers the customer to enjoy HD channels with other exceptional features. This service is come up with 140 + channels and all these channels are a high-quality screen which considers an important feature of this service.  IPTV means an Internet protocol television when we talk about live streaming of channels so IPTV is one of the names under this sector. After this unique service, PTCL introduced an addition to it and that is smart tv application.

Features of PTCL Smart TV app

  • The amazing PTCL smart tv application for desktop and laptops service offers more than 100 digital channels that could be stream live without taking any loading issues.
  • It does not require any set-top box.
  • This offer is valid for broadband DSL customers of PTCL.
  • Videos on Demand were not available initially in smart tv application for PC but it is now available.
  • The service is free for IPTV users.
  • This service of PTCL Smart TV is not just available for only on big screens but it allows users to enjoy digital channels streaming on their android phones, laptops /PCs as well.
  • This is very easy to configure and setup, simply follow the guide and instantly enjoy 100+ channels without delay.
  • You can record your favorite tv show or video to watch it later.
  • The smart tv application for Pc or laptop is absolutely free for CharJi users and customers who are using 4MBPS or above internet package of PTCL.

Cost of smart tv app

If you already are using PTCL smart tv so you are probably paying the charges according to the package you have chosen

For smart tv, there are three different packages and they are

  • PTCL Smart TV 499/- per month
  • Standalone Smart 699/- per month
  • Smart TV and Smart Pack approx 750/- per month

PTCL smart tv app is very easy to configure. You just need to download the app from PTCL’s website. Then you can call PTCL service center to get it to start. This only can happen if you are using any internet package of PTCL, PTCL EVO connection, you are a CharJi user or broadband DSL user.

As per PTCL, you just need to pay RS. 99 per month for using Smart tv app for your mobile phones, laptops, tablets or desktop PC. This app could be used by browsing Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, etc from wherever and whenever you want.

Important Points to remember

  1. The DSL broadband connection is must of minimum 4 Mbps speed and the wire could be copper or fiber based.
  2. It is recommended to call the service center or visit your near one stop shop to subscribe with this service once you downloaded the app from PTCL’s website.
  3. Once you subscribe with this service, DSL downstream speed will increase by 2 Mbps. Like if you were using 4Mbps connection so after subscription of smart tv app, the DSL downstream rate will become 6Mbps.
  4. As more the usage of smart tv app increases in different devices of your home, the speed or quality might be drop.
  5. If you wish to use more than two devices at a time so it is recommended to get your DSL connection speed increase first.

Terms & Conditions

  • For PTCL smart tv application for PC, PTCL Broadband is required.
  • PTCL smart tv Application could be installed on Vista, window 7 and above these Operating systems.
  • VODs initially was not available initially but it has mentioned in the features now. You need to get it to confirm while subscription.
  • The fee would cover a month and it is not refundable if you do not wish to use the app rest of the month.