Warid Call Packages Daily,3 Day, Weekly & Monthly 2018

Warid Tel is doing well in providing cellular facilities to its customers. To make Warid easy to choose and good network it is providing Warid Call Packages to it’s prepaid and postpaid customers. Even after the merger of Jazz and Warid; Warid is performing great as PMCL. Warid is also one of the top Cellular Telecom Operators Companies in Pakistan. And now with more than 51 Million customers, PMCL is the largest cellular company in Pakistan providing quality offers/services to its valuable customers.

Now Moving to Warid Call Packages details and availability. All of the Call Packages by Warid is described below in detail.

Warid Daily,3 Day, Weekly and Monthly Call Packages 2018:

Warid is providing a variety of call packages as Daily call packages, 3 Day Call Packages, Weekly and Monthly. A list is right under the paragraph. These categories are further divided into call offers/packages and those are written in this article with all the necessary details including subscription code. You can find Warid SMS Packages details here! Let’s have a look at Categories:

  • Warid Hourly Call Packages.
  • Warid Daily Call Packages.
  • Warid 3 Day Call Packages.
  • Warid Weekly Call Packages.
  • Warid Monthly Call Packages.

Now exploring these categories.

Warid Hourly Call Packages:

Hourly call packages are for those Warid Prepaid users who have a short need of calls. Warid call packages in this Warid packages hourly category are just two in type and named as:

  • Warid Student Bundle.
  • Warid 12 Ghanty Bundle.

Here we go with the details

Warid Student Bundle:

PriceRs. 4.47
On-Net MinutesUnlimited
Validity2 Hours
How to Subscribe*3000#
How to Un-Subscribe*320*4#
  • This Offer will not be available from 06 PM to 09 PM.

Warid 12 Ghanty Bundle:

A very unique kind of Warid call Packages that falls in Warid call packages hourly category as it is valid for 12 hours. It provides many minutes in a very short price of 6 rupees including taxes.

PriceRs. 6
On-Net Minutes250
Validity1 Day (12AM – 12PM)
How to Subscribe*281#
How to Un-Subscribe*281*4#

Warid Daily Call Packages:

Warid call packages daily are of a different type and provide SMS and Mobile Internet along with Warid Minutes. Warid Call Packages in this category are

  • Warid On-Net Day Bundle.
  • Warid Super Bundle.
  • Har Din Bundle.

Compare these call packages with Telenor Call Packages? Here we go with the details.

Warid On-Net Day Bundle:

PriceRs 10
On-Net Minutes10000
Off-Net Minutes
Validity24 Hours (12 AM to 7 PM)
How to Subscribe*340#
  • Un-Subscription String : *340*4#

Warid Super Bundle:

PriceRs. 14
On-Net Minutes250
Validity1 Day (Till Midnight)
How to Subscribe*212#
How to Un-Subscribe*212*4#

Har Din Bundle:

PriceRs. 21.51
On-Net Minutes500
Validity1 Day
How to Subscribe*114*4#
How to Un-Subscribe*114*4*4#

Warid Call Packages 3 Day Call Package:

Another unique kind of package with the 48 hours of validity. Named as 3 day call package details are as follow

PriceRs 36
On-Net Minutes500
Validity48 Hours
How to Subscribe*211#
  • Dial *211*4# to Unsubscribe.

Warid Weekly Call Packages:

Warid call packages weekly are slightly different from other cellular companies weekly call packages. As these packages contain a very handsome mixture of Minutes(on-net & off-net), SMS and Mobile data. This category has also further three types that are.

  • Warid Haftawar Hybrid Bundle.
  • Warid Weekly All Network Package.
  • Weekly Super Duper Offer.

Each type mentioned is explained below in detail…

Warid Haftawar Hybrid Bundle:

PriceRs 75
On-Net Minutes700
Off-Net Minutes
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe*407#
  • To Unsubscribe dial *407*4#

Warid Weekly All Network Package:

PriceRs 120
On-Net Minutes700
Off-Net Minutes50
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe*700#
  • Dial *700*4# to Unsubscribe.

Weekly Super Duper Offer:

PriceRs 150
On-Net Minutes1000
Off-Net Minutes
Validity7 Days
How to Subscribe*770#
  • Dial *770*4# to Unsubscribe.

Warid Monthly Call Packages:

Warid monthly call packages are handsome and cool to purchase; as Warid is doing a good job in satisfying its customers through different cellular services and packages. Monthly call packages, Warid is offering currently are of five types and for prepaid customers. All of the packages in Warid Monthly call packages category under the title of Mobilink Warid Call packages contains a combination of SMS, Minutes (off-net & on-net) and Mobile data. These packages are

  • Monthly Hybrid Bundle.
  • Warid Monthly All Network Call Package.
  • Super Duper Monthly Offer.
  • Monthly All Rounder Package.
  • Warid Gold Monthly Package.

Let’s have a look at details of each monthly Warid call package mentioned up.

Warid Call Packages Monthly Hybrid Bundle:

PriceRs 370
On-Net Minutes6000
Off-Net Minutes
Validity30 days
How to Subscribe*430#
  • 200 on-net free minutes will be allocated on daily basis.
  • Un-subscription: *430*4#

Warid Monthly All Network Package:

PriceRs 380
On-Net Minutes1200
Off-Net Minutes100
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*7000#
  • Un-Subscription: *7000*4#

Super Duper Monthly Offer:

PriceRs 380
MBs1000 MB
On-Net Minutes1200
Off-Net Minutes100
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*706#
  • This Offer has no call setup charges.

Monthly All Rounder Package:

PriceRs 499
MBs5000 MB
On-Net Minutes
All Network Minutes200
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*2000#
  • Limited Time Offer.
  • Offer is subjected to change anytime.

Warid Gold Monthly Package:

PriceRs 590
MBs1800 MB
On-Net Minutes1800
Off-Net Minutes180
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*707#
  • Un-Subscription: *707*4#
  • Limited Time Offer.
  • Offer is subjected to change anytime.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.

Warid Call Packages for Postpaid Users:

Warid Tel offers call packages to it’s valued postpaid customers as well. These offers are applicable for all Networks. Want to know if Jazz Call Packages for prepaid users are better than Warid? click here to access Jazz Call Packages details. All the available Call Packages for Warid Postpaid Users are:

  • All Net Lite Call Package.
  • All Net Mini Call Package.
  • All Net Smart Call Package.
  • All Net Super Call Package.
  • 100 All-Net.
  • 200 All Net Call Package.

All Net Lite Call Package:

PriceRs. 100 + Tax
All-Net Minutes100
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*441*15#

All Net Mini Call Package:

PriceRs. 200 + Tax
All-Net Minutes200
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*441*16#

All Net Smart Call Package:

PriceRs. 300 + Tax
All-Net Minutes300
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*441*23#

All Net Super Call Package:

PriceRs. 400 + Tax
All-Net Minutes400
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*441*24#

100 All Net:

PriceRs. 125
All-Net Minutes100
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*441*22#

200 All Net Call Package:

PriceRs. 250
All-Net Minutes200
Validity30 Days
How to Subscribe*441*20#
  • Incentives are for all local networks.
  • Bundles are not auto Recursive.
  • Standard taxes apply upon calling as well.

These are all the Voice offers/ Call packages that Warid is offering to it’s prepaid and postpaid customers. If you found this helped give us a like and if you think something is wrong, just let us know. You can always visit the homepage to get any kind of Packages info. Thank You!